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Hokuokekai Iohunukonu
United States
Current Residence: Wouldn't you like to know! In a lovely, messy, yellow room.
Favourite genre of music: alternative, techno, emo, energizing stuff
Shell of choice: tortoise? XD
Favourite cartoon character: Anyone fron Invader Zim or Cowboy Bebop
Personal Quote: i am normal . . . . . .
Georgia is a small country lying Northeast of Turkey and across from Ukraine on the Black Sea. Georgia gained their independence from Russia in 1991 after 70 years of Communist rule. At the moment, at least for 15 days, Russia and Georgia are at war. And sadly, it seems likely that the source of this conflict is the desire for control of an oil pipeline: the only one that leads from the Asia to Europe and doesn't go through Russia or Iran, but rather Azerbaijan and Georgia. And a specific attack can also be seen as a sharp message to Israel to cut back it's support of Georgia's military. Russia told Israel and Washington that they would respond to support of Georgia's military by selling advanced anti-aircraft systems to Syria and Iran. Sigh. . .  This will turn out well.

Just thought I'd keep you abreast of current events. Charming world isn't it?
  • Listening to: ceiling fan
  • Reading: Blood Brothers


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Fakin-u-out Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
Molly! Where have you been, I haven't seen you in ages?!? I've been wanting to hang out and I needed to ask you something as well. You should reply or something. LoL, I miss your face!
skinnyfeet Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
oh my gosh, you've got to be kidding!!! HOw have I not been on here in that bloody long??? Yes we should definitely hang out!
sammigurl61190 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008  Professional Photographer
Shadows-Angel-Zia11 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2008
Hey girl! :wave:
haven't heard from you in the *longest* have you been?
skinnyfeet Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008
Dandy. Little frustrated cuz it seems like everyone i know is pairing off and hitching up. So I'm feeling a little left out. And now my best friend in moving to Israel for 6-27 months. So I'll be without her companionship for ages!!! :cries: but, as always, keeping busy. I enrolled in a jewelry program for this semester, and i met a really successful jeweler that offered to show me the ropes of the industry and said her gem cutter would probably be willing to show me how to cut stones! I'm getting started and it's exciting. But I still feel like soemthing's amiss in my life and i can't put my finger on it. how about you?
Shadows-Angel-Zia11 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2008
Yeah, wasn't too long ago I was feeling the exact same way...but hey, hold out for that special guy who's gonna fall head over heels for the crazy-fun, special, beautiful person that is you, my friend :)
it's the waiting that's hard but...when the right person comes around, it will be *totally* worth it :nod:

Isreal for 6-27 *months*? wow...that's going to be hard...and I'm guessing there will not be much opportunity for internet chatting/ I can see where that would be really hard :(
If you have time before your friend leaves, I would be hanging out w/ her like crazy before then so that at least you have some fun times before she'll be gone for that period of time.

As for the other news, that sounds *great!*
I can totally see you eyeing the gems as they're being cut, eyes kinda glistening as you keep whispering, "shiny...*my* shiny..." or something along those lines :D
I can see you're going to be enjoying classes :)

As for me, I'm going to be taking (in case you haven't seen my journal) Photography 3, Photoshop 1, Painting 1, and General Psychology. ^^ should be fun ;)

Relationship-wise, things are pretty much the same with my family as they have always been, though my dad keeps having little memory issues :P lol, makes it *so* much easier when he's already more grouchy than usual ^^;
As for David and I, we've been going out for nearly a year now (10 months, 11 as of Sept. 2) and we've come to a point now where we're pretty sure of where God's leading :aww::nod:

In another note, would you believe I *finally* got my room done? XD
yeah, I'll be using that canopy you gave me back in HS :)
The room is garden themed, so it'll be quite pretty as soon as we can get the painting done and such ^^

nothing more I can think of at the moment, so I guess I'll chat with you again later :)
If you'd like, I can keep you in my prayers...I hope things will be looking up for you soon...:hug:
sammigurl61190 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008  Professional Photographer
No reply to my note? :(
little-gemo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2008  Student Artist
i misses yeh.
skinnyfeet Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008
would you like to come to my bible study with me one of these tuesdays? Or you could come to Feed My Starving Children with me on thursday august 21st! Or we could just chill out somwhere and eat rainbow frosting!let meh knows!
sammigurl61190 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008  Professional Photographer
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